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How To Get the Most Out of Your Med Spa Skin Consultation

Let’s face it, now that everyone’s documenting every moment for social media, we’re all more aware of how our skin looks. Great skin also has many benefits. It can increase your confidence, boost your mood, and help you continue to look youthful as you age. There’s a multitude of ways to improve your skin, but it’s hard to know where to begin. 

Skin consultations are incredibly useful to help you understand how you can get your skin where you’d like it to be. They can help you learn how to best care for your skin and find the right products, treatments, and services to make your skin look its best. 

At Envision Aesthetics, we conduct free one-hour consultations for clients looking to improve all types of skin concerns. This consultation is an extremely helpful tool, but it’s only effective if you get the most out of your consultation

Envision Aesthetics has an amazing team of professionals on our med spa staff. Our team takes pride in treating you as we would a loved one, and we foster a caring environment for everyone. As a premier med spa serving the Rochester, New York area, we only offer the most proven and effective treatments. 

Let’s discuss how you can get the most of your skin consultation!

What to do before a med spa consultation

Before you book your appointment (unless you book a couple weeks in advance) take the time to complete the following steps. 

Decide your top skin concerns you want to address.

Since everyone is unique, you may have only one or two skin concerns, or you may have several that you want to discuss in your skin consultation. If it’s the latter, you should maybe take a step back and decide what your top skin priorities are. A lot of this may depend on your age and what issues you’re wanting to address.

Some of the most common skin concerns our clients want to treat are:

Decide your top two or three skin concerns and goals that you want to discuss in your consultation. This can help your provider narrow down the best treatment options for you. 

Conduct preliminary research

Now that you’ve figured out your main skin goals, do a little digging and look for med spa treatments that are geared towards those goals. Most med spa products and services have their own company websites with valuable information to read through, and our very own Envision blog has a lot of great information!

For example, many patients looking to combat signs of aging get Botox, a neurotoxin injection that relaxes your muscles to prevent frown lines. Halo™ Laser is a popular treatment that helps to correct years of sun damage, hyperpigmentation, and more.

You don’t have to do enough research to write your own essay, but it’s good to be familiarized with what’s on the market, especially since technology for aesthetic treatments is always advancing. 

Find a qualified provider

It almost goes without saying that you should find a qualified provider for your skin consultation. Look for a provider with years of experience performing aesthetic treatments. Someone who has been in the industry and performs these services themselves will have the best treatment recommendations for you! 

Our own Dr. Katherine Whipple is a Cosmetic and Reconstructive Oculofacial Plastic Surgeon. Dr. Whipple performs many of our treatments at Envision, including all cosmetic injections! We also have a wonderful team made up of Licensed Aesthetician, Patient Care Specialist, and Registered Nurse. 

Schedule your skin consultation in Rochester, NY

Now that you’ve put some thought into your skin goals, researched treatments, and found a quality provider, it’s time to schedule your consultation!

Come prepared with your questions and concerns

It’s easy to walk into your consultation and forget to ask about specific concerns during the consultation. Whether you get carried away in conversation or just don’t want to have to remember everything off the top of your head, write a list

Even if it’s just a couple quick questions in your phone’s notes app, make sure your key questions and concerns are there for you to remember to ask. You’ll thank yourself later!

Be clear about your budget

Since aesthetic treatments aren’t covered by insurance, treatment prices are something to be mindful of. To get the best recommendations from your provider during your skin consultation in Rochester, NY, tell them your budget up front. Your provider can then tailor your treatment plan recommendations to your unique skin concerns and your budget to make the process stress-free.

Med Spa Service Recommendations for Every Budget

Be specific about concerns you want to treat

It’s not easy for a provider to make recommendations if you’re not very descriptive with your concerns. For example, just saying you want your skin to be “better” is not specific enough. Make sure you go into your consultation with specific skin goals in mind, e.g. crow’s feet, forehead lines, lip filler. 

woman at skin consultation in Rochester, NY

The Consultation Process at Envision Aesthetics

After you schedule your free consultation, you’ll meet with an Envision provider for a one-hour consultation. During this consultation, your provider will examine your skin and listen to your skin concerns and goals. 

As your provider listens to the concerns you’d like to address, they will make recommendations tailored to you. For certain treatments, we may even recommend multiple sessions as a series for optimal results. We can also make recommendations for skincare products and skincare routines. 

The consultation process at Envision is the best time to discuss every aspect of your skin goals, so take advantage of this time with our team member! We focus on client education so you’re comfortable with the treatment process from beginning to end. Once we finalize your treatment plan, we can schedule appointments for your services at Envision.

Plan your aesthetic treatments ahead of time

Once you’ve completed your skin consultation in Rochester, NY, you can plan out your aesthetic treatments for the most optimal time of year! ❄️ ☀️  

You’re free to get any of our treatments during any season. That being said, there are better times of year for certain treatments that make any downtime or recovery period easier for you.

Spring / Summer

Spring and Summer are synonymous with sunny weather The sun is definitely a mood boost, but it’s also harmful to your skin and can increase skin sensitivity. Because of this, it’s easier to avoid treatments that require downtime out of the sun for your skin to recover. 

So what aesthetic treatments are good to get in the sunny seasons? Botox and clinical facials are great for the spring and summer, as well as other treatments that aren’t affected by the sun like dermal fillers.  

Fall / Winter

Fall and winter is the best time to begin and work through your skin resurfacing and laser treatments. This is because it’s easier to stay out of the sun afterward, which is often a requirement for downtime after treatment. 

The downtime can range anywhere from a couple of days to 2 weeks. Your provider will tell you the range of the downtime needed for your treatment. This all varies depending on the treatment you’re receiving and the depth of treatment. 

Halo™, Chemical Peels, MicroLaserPeel®, and BBL treatments such as Hair Reduction, Forever Clear, and Forever Young are all excellent fall and winter treatments. You’ll be able to easily avoid sunlight exposure, and you won’t need to miss out on any summertime fun!

The Best Times of Year for Med Spa Treatments

Final Thoughts

Remember, you can get the most out of your skin consultation by doing the following:


    • Decide your top skin concerns you want to address
    • Conduct preliminary research
    • Find a qualified provider

During your consultation

    • Come prepared with your questions and concerns
    • Be clear about your budget
    • Be specific about concerns you want to treat

It’s important to take advantage of your time with a skin expert. All of these tips can enrich your free consultation to help you feel more informed and comfortable with your treatment options! 

At Envision Aesthetics, we will listen to your concerns and devise a treatment plan based on a skin analysis and all of the information you’ve provided. We only recommend what we know will work for you to move you towards your skin goals. We can recommend skincare products and routines, treatment plans, and any other service that we believe will get you the results you’re looking for. 

Get your skin consultation in Rochester, NY at Envision Aesthetics!

We treat our patients as we would treat family by our care, compassion, and keeping your best interest in mind with everything we do for you. Schedule a free consultation with an Envision Aesthetics professional today. 

We also offer instant Virtual Consultations! Simply choose the area of concern and select which issues you’d like to treat. A tailored list of treatment recommendations will be sent straight to your inbox. You can also reach Envision at (585) 444-3937 for more information. 


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