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Struggling with redness? Envision Aesthetics can help.

A little bit of color in the cheeks can bring out our natural complexion. When we blush, it’s usually a sign that we feel flattered, excited, or embarrassed. But when you feel like facial redness has taken over your look completely, it may be time for a little help from a professional.

The best treatment for a red face may not be what you expect. After all, most creams and make-up only cover up the appearance of redness, rather than targeting the cause.

Let’s dig a little deeper into what facial redness is and the different treatment options we offer.

What causes facial redness?

There are a lot of different reasons why your face may appear red. But the first and most important question is: is it red all the time, or do you experience flare-ups?

If you answered “all the time,” you may be experiencing something called rosacea, which is caused by broken or damaged blood vessels just beneath the surface of the skin. (Active acne can also cause and/or exacerbate the appearance of rosacea.)

People whose faces only look red on occasion might be dealing with more of a genetic issue or an underlying medical issue. It’s important to discuss with your doctor any ongoing health problems you might be having to see if facial redness could be a symptom. 

A red face could also be caused by environmental factors, like heat or sun exposure; or lifestyle factors like diet, alcohol, coffee, or over-exfoliation.

What is the best treatment for a red face?

For the most part, the best treatment for a red face should involve cellular turnover, or the removal of dead and damaged skin cells. This helps keep the skin fresh, pores tight, and blood vessels under control. We can achieve careful and precise cellular turnover through professional exfoliation techniques.

Pro-Tip: When searching for relief from facial redness, try looking for facials for dry skin. These conditions are often treated using the same techniques!

When it comes to facial exfoliation, Envision Aesthetics is one of the only medical aesthetics clinics in Rochester to offer the newest technology available: The Salt Facial.

This treatment can address redness, as well as dullness, dry skin, and other concerns that affect the top layers of the skin. 

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