Hormone replacement in Rochester New York

Hormone Replacement in Rochester New York

Hormone Replacement

Find Your Balance

It’s common for many men and women to face hormone imbalances over time. At Envision Aesthetics, bio-identical hormones are safely designed to mimic naturally occurring hormone levels. As the natural process of aging occurs, hormone levels drop. As these hormone levels drop, individuals may experience fatigue, weight gain, loss of sexual appetite, and hair loss. Hormone replacement in Rochester, New York, stabilizes one’s natural hormone levels and can transform their levels into optimal results.

What It Treats

Hormone depletion, Lack of energy, Weight gain, Erectile dysfunction, Stress, Loss of libido, and Change in mood

Hormone Replacement for women

Women may experience hormone depletion due to puberty, menopause, and perimenopause. An unhealthy lifestyle and changes in lifestyle habits can influences hormone changes as well. To combat these major hormone changes, we recommend bio-identical hormones. They can come in the form of topical creams, patches, or pellet therapies.

A pellet system delivers natural, well-mimicid hormone levels. With this statistically proven hormone replacement in Rochester, New York, your body will be able to maintain a steady, natural hormone level. The pellets are placed into fat-heavy areas of the body, most commonly the buttocks. The pellet system created a simple, easy pellet to insert that provides steady hormone levels for 3-4 months.

Hormone Replacement for men

Men’s hormone levels steadily drop 1% every year after they reach 20. Many males, without even knowing it, have concerning testosterone levels that are less than the average amount. Doctors typically will dismiss low testosterone levels unless they fall below 300. If your testosterone level is below 450, increased cardiovascular issues may arise. With hormone replacement for men, we strive to increase testosterone levels up to 800-100 to promote men’s health.

A clinician will schedule a meeting to discuss your past medical history and obtain blood tests. This allows us to see your testosterone levels, blood count, serum markers, and vitamin D. levels. There are two hormone replacement options in Rochester, New York for patients.

Pellet Therapy: During an in-office procedure, pellets are placed into the hip region in a swift three minute process. This relatively painless procedure requires tape covering the area to be worn for four days after the pellet was injected. Positive hormone replacement effects will be seen for 4-6 months after.

Injection Therapy: An injection therapy is a self-administered testosterone injection into an area with substantial body fat. After the self administered injection, no downtime is required.


Women’s hormone replacement results

Women experience expanded positive mental and physical results. Your metabolism will be stronger, which allows you to strengthen bones, muscle, and diminish fat faster. Women’s hormone replacement therapy can help improve sleep patterns, mood, and libido.

 Men’s hormone replacement results

After taking hormone replacements, men experience increased mental and physical energy which leads to a healthier physique. Fat within the body will decrease, while improving muscle mass and healthy bones. Men who take hormone replacements report improved cardiovascular health and decreased cholesterol.

Client Results

Typically, results from hormone replacements last for 3-4 months for women and 4-6 months for men.