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Questions for Your Summer Lash Lift in Rochester

Summertime means more pools, beaches, & the outdoors

Sounds great, doesn’t it? Surf, sand, sun, and fun. None of which is conducive to your eyelash game. Chlorinated water, saltwater, perspiration—all these great-weather experiences make it hard to keep your eyelashes doing the magic do.

Envision Aesthetics understands the challenges summer presents for keeping your lashes luscious. That’s why we recommend a lash lift to give you make-up free, eye-enhancing lashes that won’t run while you’re running, or wilt while you’re water skiing. Keep reading for answers to all of your lash lift questions in Rochester from Envision’s lash experts!

A lash lift uses your natural eyelashes

A lash lift literally gives your natural lashes more lift and length. Sure, for great summer eyes, extensions and permanent colorizing are possibilities. If you prefer a durable, low-maintenance strategy, we recommend a lash lift. 

We use a specific, world-class system to enhance the presence of your eyes’ beauty and allure, all with what you brought to the party. A lash lift takes about 90 minutes to complete, during which time you can relax. Sometimes our clients even take a catnap, because it’s such a calm and soothing procedure. Basically, we’re giving your eyelashes a perm, using an eye-safe solution to create a lifted and curled shape that lasts for weeks. 

Imagine waking up after a day at the beach and a night dancing in the veranda, and voila! Your eyelashes greet you in the mirror with a “Hey there, let’s start a new day!” There is a bit of care required in the first 24 to 48 hours of your lash lift, but after that? You go, girl. Go do what you want, because your lashes have your back.

Find out more about the difference between lash lifts and lash extensions here

woman being greeted at envision aesthetics to address her lash lift questions in rochester

Ask your aesthetician these lash lift questions

At Envision, we want you to feel 100% secure you’re getting the best and most qualified service available. Ask us anything, anytime. Even if you don’t use us, ask your current aesthetician these questions, and get clear answers.

  • Is the person doing lash lift certified?

Get to know how qualified your aestheticians are. This is extremely important

Different states have different statutes regarding certification before performing lash lifts. In New York, your aesthetician must have a cosmetology license or skincare license. If your favorite go-to isn’t licensed, don’t go to them for a lash lift.

Super-important: even if they have a certificate, that’s not enough. They must be licensed.

Think about it. There are chemicals used to help your lashes become suitable for long-term curl. If the aesthetician isn’t licensed, they won’t have the proven skill set for working so close to your eyes. There is no middle ground here. Protect yourself by making sure they know what they’re doing. Ask to see their license.

  • What kind of lash lift training have you had?

Can a licensed aesthetician do a lash lift? Yes. However, they also should have gone through an accredited course to earn certification. 

Getting your lashes done is becoming more popular than makeup. With that being said, less scrupulous businesses will offer cut-rate lash lifts to draw in that business, while their staff only has a rudimentary understanding of the procedures.

Envision requires licensure and certification, along with constant training on new techniques and investment in equipment upgrades to ensure excellence in results, and safety in process. You’re going to look great and feel safe, at Envision.

  • What kind of lash lift maintenance do you require?

A lash lift at Envision means gorgeous lashes for weeks, with no muss, no fuss. 

If a business tries to upsell you on all kinds of balms and creams for your lash lift, you can have the “lash laugh” and walk right out the door. To ours. Because you don’t need all that stuff for your lash lift. You just need someone you can trust. Why not schedule a free 1 hour consultation today?

  • What kind of lash lift technique do you use?

At Envision, we’ve compared and contrasted all the best lash lift procedures, from chemicals utilized to client comfort during the procedure to the effectiveness of the results.

Which one came out on top? YUMILashes.

YUMILashes is a ground-breaking technique imported from France. It provides the safest and most natural-looking lash lift out of all the choices we examined. 

One of the other things we really liked about YUMILashes, is that it lasts 8 to 12 weeks! That’s 2 to 3 months of not needing eyelash curlers or mascara in your bag. 

Painless, safe, non-invasive, beautiful. YUMILashes really are the lash lift of choice.

Don’t settle for less than the best lash lift

This kind of aesthetic work requires not only skill and training, but trust. You have to trust the person working so close to your beautiful eyes. And you have to trust them to do it right the first time, so that your lash lift looks great and lasts long. 

If the amount of application time is wrong, it could leave your lashes limp, or brittle. If the glue is old because the aesthetician didn’t go over the details, the curl might not work. If your eyes sting, it might be that your aesthetician didn’t ask you the right questions before the procedure… or they’re just sloppy.

Don’t risk it. Your aesthetician must be one of the best. Ask us your lash lift questions today. 

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Why a non-permanent lash lift may be right for you

There are several possible reasons you might choose a lash lift over other enhancement procedures.

  • The simpler, one-and-done process
  • A less dramatic, more “natural” look
  • Less maintenance than other procedures
  • Cost-effective
  • It’s reversible

We love all our procedures that make you feel more like, well, you, including lash lifts. Check out our virtual consultation, and discover how totally you you can be.

How Latisse can give you even more lashes

If we’re going to talk about summer lashes, let’s make sure we mention another non-invasive way to make your lashes more luscious: Latisse Lash Serum.

Latisse Lash Serum is an FDA-approved treatment for growing eyelashes. If you feel you don’t have enough lashes, or that what you have isn’t enough for the look you want, Latisse Lash Serum helps grow lashes. Not only that, they help them become longer, fuller, and darker.

You don’t have to choose between a lash lift or Latisse. You can use them both at the same time. Imagine that—longer, fuller, darker lashes, curled and beautiful for 8 to 12 weeks without additional maintenance. 

We also offer BabeLash growth serum to achieve the same results. Longer eyelashes, and more of them, for that fluttery, flirtatious look.

Summer skies, and fabulous eyes. Schedule a free 1 hour consultation and ask your Envision aesthetician about Latisse or BabeLash Lash Serum. 

Brow lamination sets the stage for your luscious lashes

For the full “pop” effect, think about getting a brow lamination. The name pretty much says it all. Your brows are perfected, styled, and then laminated in place. 

You end up with fuller, natural brows that actually give your face a bit of a lift. And again, like a lash lift, it’s low maintenance and make-up free. How much time will that save you for other summertime activities? Look your best, and go!

Click here for an in-depth look at the lash lift and brow lamination procedures

You can still wear your makeup

With all of these procedures, you’re welcome to enjoy the palette to which you’re accustomed. Enjoy it! Just know that your eyes can still “pop” if you stop. Confidence? Oh yes indeed.

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Keep your lashes summer-sexy

A lash lift can help your eyes keep their beautiful presence no matter where you are, or what you have with you. It’s your mascara without the effort, your extension without the maintenance. 

We can all be active and attractive. Camping? River Rafting? Maybe a vacation on a remote island, with just you, your bae, and the amazing ocean as your backdrop. Forget the curler, forget the makeup, just be in the moment. How’s that for summer-sexy? 

Lash lifts, brow laminations, and growth serums: ways Envision Aesthetics helps you be the best version of yourself everyday.

Now that you know what to ask before getting a lash lift in Rochester, talk to Envision Aesthetics!

Our first commitment to you is your safety. Even if you don’t use Envision Aesthetics, please feel free to reach out to us, ask your lash lift questions, and be informed. Your beauty starts where it’s most important—in your mind. 

Empowered, informed people shine with confidence. Let’s glow, girl.  

Come get an amazing, professional lash lift at Envision Aesthetics here in Rochester. We will tailor your treatment to your unique goals. 

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