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How Long Do Lash Lifts Last in Summer?

Summer—when the fun is frequently outdoors. Hello sunshine, hello being active!

When batting your eyes, you want to bat a thousand. Envision knows the ways you can be your best you in the office or in a softball tournament, on a dance floor or on a tennis court. Let us know your plans, and we can plan a procedure that works.

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For summer, we recommend a lash lift

How long do lash lifts last in Rochester? Usually from 8 to 12 weeks. That’s a lot of freedom to be on the go, enjoying summer fun, with this super-low maintenance, non-permanent enhancement. 

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How the heat affects your lash lift

Here is the truly beautiful thing about your lash lift—it will stand up to summer’s environments and elements. Kayaking? Hiking? Chasing the rays in a chaise by the pool? Do it.

Your main concern will be the first 24 hours of your lash lift, as your lashes become fully set.

Things you shouldn’t do in that first 24 hours include:

  • Rub your eyes
  • Sleep with your face down
  • Get water on your lash lift
  • Work out (because of the perspiration)
  • Be near heat sources- like saunas, hair dryers, etc.
  • Use soap/shampoo/conditioner on your eyes

After that first 24 hours, your lash lift is ready to go for your next adventure.  It’s true: lash lifts last in summer!

Mascara on lash lifts? Go for it!

That’s part of the fun of having a lash lift—choices. Spending the day at the beach with practically no makeup (other than sunscreen, of course!), but going to a club that night? You’re good to go. Mascara? Do it. Eyeliner? Make it rock. 

The only thing you can’t do is use an eyelash curler. And why would you? Your lashes are already beautifully curled and luscious. A lash lift really is about freedom, which is why at Envision it’s a summer favorite.

Don’t forget that along with your lash lift, you can have makeup services, brow lamination, and even continue your lash growth serum, like Latisse or BabeLash. 

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Make your lash lifts last in summer. Talk to Envision Aesthetics in Rochester.

Please feel free to reach out to us, ask your lash lift questions, and find out for yourself how long a lash lift lasts. Your beauty starts where it’s most important—in your mind. 

Empowered, informed people shine with confidence. Let’s glow, girl.

Come get an amazing, professional lash lift at Envision Aesthetics here in Rochester. We will tailor your treatment to your unique goals. 

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