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Beginning Your Med Spa Journey of Health & Beauty

In today’s world, there is a lot of information and choices when it comes to skincare. The internet is full of different options and ways to approach looking and feeling your best. It is wonderful to have so much at your fingertips due to advances in skincare. There are so many products and services available. How do you know what’s right for you? In New York, people often seek a skincare expert in Rochester.

We’re all different, and what works for some doesn’t necessarily work for others. This can lead to frustration as time and money go to waste with trial and error. For many, this leads them to seek professional help at a med spa.

What is a med spa?

You may not be sure exactly what a med spa is or does, even if you’ve heard the term before. Medical spas differ from other service providers that use the word spa in their name. A day spa is a great place to relax and get basic facials or a massage, but they aren’t able to offer medical-grade treatments and products (in most cases). 

Envision Eye & Aesthetics, a med spa in Rochester, was founded by Dr. Katherine Whipple and her team in 2015. We are experts in the most advanced treatments, state-of-the-art technology, and hold themselves to the highest possible quality and safety standards.

Who is a med spa for?

The short answer is—almost everyone! From teens to twilights, men and women, there are treatments and products to amplify every stage in life. We see women preparing for weddings; teens and up for acne treatments; and men for gentlemen’s facials and just about every other treatment we offer. Med spas are really for anyone looking to a skin expert for help with looking and feeling their best!

Med spas offer a variety of treatments such as facials, waxing, and makeup services but your options at a med spa go much further than that, though. A med spa offers further aesthetic options like chemical peels, microblading, and microneedling. Then there are more advanced treatments such as Botox, Forever Young BBL, and Halo laser treatments. When it comes to these types of treatments, it is crucial that you truly find a skincare expert in Rochester. 

Here’s why.

The most important reason to find the right skincare expert

Med spas offer treatments others can’t—or shouldn’t. The most important element in choosing a treatment plan is finding a provider with training and experience in the treatment that you will receive. It is crucial to your health and well-being that you seek nothing short of a skincare expert. 

In Rochester, Envision Eye & Aesthetics is led by Dr. Katherine Whipple, who is a cosmetic and reconstructive oculofacial plastic surgeon. Her team is made up of licensed, registered, and experienced members, who are passionate about what they do and hold themselves to the highest standards. 

When it comes to medical aesthetics, you want a medical spa with the qualifications to provide all levels of aesthetic and spa treatments. This should be the most important thing you look for when seeking a skincare expert in Rochester. You want to get the most out of your treatment but the biggest priority should be that your treatments are performed safely. 

Envision founder, Dr. Katherine Whipple (Cosmetic and Reconstructive Oculofacial Plastic Surgeon), discusses what makes us different from others and the range of services we offer, from cosmetic to serious medical issues⬇️

What concerns can a med spa address?

Envision Aesthetics has an amazing team of professionals. Every one of us takes pride in treating you as we would a loved one, fostering a caring environment for every patient. As a premier med spa serving Rochester, Pittsford, Fairport, Victor, and surrounding areas, we only offer the most proven and effective treatments to address a wide range of concerns.

Some of the concerns a med spa can address from the inside out:

There are a wide range of concerns that Dr. Whipple and her team help patients improve. Our years of experience qualify us to provide our patients with the best care possible. When choosing treatments, this experience can provide much needed guidance in the most effective ways to achieve your goals. We determine the strategy that is best for our patients during a free, 1-hour initial consultation.

Let’s discuss how you can get the most out of your skin consultation at a med spa!

Before your appointment

One of the best ways to get the most out of your consultation is to begin planning in advance. Take the time to think about why you are coming in for your consultation. What area(s) are you most interested in improving? What are your goals for these improvements? What questions do you have about how to achieve those goals? 

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Do a little research

Once you have an idea of what you’d like to treat, do a Google search of med spa treatments for the concern you’d like to address. You by no means need to be a skincare expert in Rochester, but understanding what’s on the market will help you know what is possible.

This can also help your Rochester skincare expert understand you and your goals better. The more we understand your concerns and treatments you think may address them, the better we can define a short-term and long-term plan that will suit your needs. 

During your consultation

When you arrive for your consultation, you will meet with a member of our team in a private treatment room. During your appointment, we will find out what you’d like to address, starting in the broadest terms and working down to the best treatment for your needs. 

We will get to know you and help to define a treatment strategy that will be most effective for your individual needs. We use Visia Skin Analysis System to fully map your face making our treatment guidance as accurate as possible for your individual skin. We take the time to answer all your questions and make you comfortable with the details of your various treatment options. 

Be clear about your budget

Since insurance doesn’t cover aesthetic treatments, costs are something to be mindful of. Our  monthly newsletter also regularly contains information on special offers on treatments. It only takes a few seconds to sign-up!

To help ensure you get the best recommendations during your skin consultation in Rochester, NY, tell them your budget up front. Your provider can then tailor your treatment plan recommendations to your unique skin concerns and your budget to make the process stress-free.

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Be specific about concerns you want to treat

It’s not easy for a provider to make recommendations if you’re not very descriptive with your concerns. For example, just saying you want your skin to be “better” is not specific enough. Make sure you go into your consultation with specific skin goals in mind, e.g. crow’s feet, forehead lines, or fuller lips. 

The consultation process at Envision is the best time to discuss every aspect of your skin goals, so take advantage of this time with our knowledgeable staff! We focus on client education so you’re comfortable with the treatment process from beginning to end. Once we complete your treatment plan outline, we can schedule appointments for your future services.

Final thoughts from a skincare expert in Rochester

Remember, you can get the most out of your skin consultation by doing the following:


  1. Decide your top skin concerns you want to address
  2. Conduct preliminary research
  3. Find a qualified provider

During your consultation

  1. Come prepared with your questions and concerns
  2. Be clear about your budget
  3. Be specific about concerns you want to treat

It’s important to take advantage of your time with a skin expert in Rochester. These tips can enrich your free consultation to help you feel more informed and comfortable with your treatment options! 

At Envision Aesthetics, we will listen to your concerns and devise a treatment plan based on a skin analysis and all the information you’ve provided. We only recommend what we know will work for you while advancing towards your skin goals. We can recommend skincare products and routines, treatment plans, and any other service we believe will get you the results you’re looking for.

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At Envision Eye & Aesthetic, we’re happy to help you look and feel your best!

Envision Aesthetics is conveniently located near the expressway, making it easily accessible for both the east and west sides of Rochester. We check every box of what makes an amazing medical spa. With highly trained staff and high-quality products and treatments, we’re here to give you the best experience for your aesthetic enhancements. 

No matter what your goals are, we’re here to help! Get started with our virtual consultation tool and get on the path to looking and feeling your best. Or, if you’d prefer, schedule an appointment to come see us!

The safety and comfort of our customers are top priorities for us. We will always make sure that you’re comfortable with your decisions and happy with your results for a more confident you!

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