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An Expert Guide to Finding the Best Hair Surgeon in Upstate New York

By the age of 50, approximately 40% of women and 50% of men experience significant hair loss. These percentages continue to increase with age, although thinning hair can affect individuals of any age as 25% of men begin to experience thinning by 21 years of age.

On average, your scalp contains 100,000 to 150,000 individual hairs, with 50 to 100 of them falling out every day. A range of internal and external factors, such as hormonal changes and genetic predispositions, can also accelerate balding. So, it’s no wonder why 34% of people have tried hair loss treatment (with varying success rates). 

Rather than overpriced over-the-counter medications or painful scalp brush treatments, many more patients are learning that surgical hair transplants serve as the most effective route. Here’s an expert guide on how to find a trusted hair surgeon in upstate New York, straight from the medical professionals at Envision Aesthetics

What to look for in a hair surgeon in upstate New York

With nearly 3,000 medical spas in the state of New York alone, how do you know which provider to trust? Hair restoration is a highly specialized area of practice that relies on access to the best technology, experience, and arguably most importantly: personalization. Here’s a rundown on what to look for in a qualified hair surgeon in upstate New York to refer back to on your search.


Start by browsing a potential clinic’s website to learn more about their surgeon’s backgrounds and qualifications. Once you’ve done your resource on their education, check what real patients have to say through online reviews. You deserve 5-star care, so don’t settle for less! Beyond reading about patients’ experiences with hair transplants at that office specifically, also look for what they’re saying about the office environment and staff in general. Key phrases to look for include “clean”, “honest”, “communicative”, and “personalized.”

A trusted hair surgeon in upstate New York will also have their results gallery posted online, which you can browse to see their work. A great provider knows that every patient’s starting conditions (type of hair loss, age, and budget) and goal is unique. 

Open communication

We mentioned before to look for notes about communication when browsing the reviews of a prospective hair surgeon in upstate New York, and this isn’t only to ensure a pleasant personal experience. Achieving the results you want requires teamwork between a clinic’s team of specialists and you. You know what you want and need, and the best surgeons will actively listen and provide the resources you need to make an informed decision.

Complimentary consultations

Once a potential surgeon on your list has gotten this far, it’s time to meet in-person. A reliable hair surgeon in upstate New York will provide a free in-office consultation, so feel free to shop around before making a final decision!

This preliminary visit will give you a chance to see the office and meet the staff face-to-face. After ensuring that this group of people are knowledgeable and personable, you’ll then meet with a specialist to discuss your concerns. Your provider will ask you follow-up questions about your medical history, goals, budget, and timeline and work with you to create a personalized treatment plan after inspecting your hair health in-depth. With 7 types of alopecia recognized worldwide, which only serve as umbrella categories, there’s no universal approach to hair restoration. 

Different hair restoration treatment options

The best hair surgeons offer more than one technique or treatment options. No two patients are exactly the same, so your treatment shouldn’t be either! The best providers offer both surgical and non-surgical options to meet the needs of a variety of patients. 

Types of hair restoration

When it comes to deciding which hair restoration route is best for you, it’s best to see a professional before you attempt to resolve the issue yourself. Seeing a hair surgeon in upstate New York as early on as possible will mitigate further hair loss and get you back on track sooner. 

Over-the-counter supplements may be tempting, especially with the lower price point and seemingly amazing results from celebrity endorsements, these can actually be more harmful in the long run. Pro tip: keep in mind that many of your favorite celebrities posting hair vitamin endorsements are wearing extensions or wigs applied by experienced stylists, so take their advice cautiously. As for professional hair restoration, let’s take a look at surgical vs. non-surgical treatment options.

Surgical hair transplants

One of the most common deterrents from surgical hair transplants is the fear of unnatural-looking results. Hence why doing your own research on your search for the best hair surgeon in upstate New York (and the technology they use) is crucial. 

At Envision, we offer both Artas® or NeoGraft® technology to transform your hairline and hair quality without using the outdated “strip” implant technique. The Artas device uses Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) to precisely harvest your own hair follicles through meticulously crafted AI movements. With no manual performance required, robotic surgery aids the preciseness, mobility, and reaction time of the surgeon. With no incisions, this option requires no stitches and does not result in scarring. 

NeoGraft technology is another form of FUE that relies on a surgeon rather than robotics. This semi-automated technique is more hands-on for your specialist. While you shouldn’t automatically rule out either of these hair transplant options, you should refer back to your provider to weigh which is best for your needs.

So, when will you see hair transplant results? As your new hair growth comes in, you’ll likely start seeing improvements after 3 months, which will continue over the next year.

Non-surgical PRP injections

Not quite ready for surgery? PRP injections harness your body’s own natural resources to improve sparseness with simple injections. Your hair surgeon in upstate New York will perform an in-office blood draw, separate your platelet-rich-plasma, and inject all in one visit. These growth factors assist in tissue regeneration, encouraging the natural but streamlined development of healthier hair.

Understanding the leading causes of hair loss

To understand how a hair transplant works, we must first understand hair loss. Hair loss can prevail in a wide variety of ways, including patchy spots, a receding hairline, and complete baldness. 

Things as simple as how you style your hair can affect your hairline. For instance, Kourtney Kardashian opened up about how her go-to slicked back ponytail resulted in bald spots (which she treated with PRP injections). This condition is referred to as traction alopecia, which is also common among individuals with cornrows and cheerleaders required to routinely wear tight ponytails. This can also be caused by hot oil treatments, which can result in permanent hair loss if scarring occurs. 

Beyond styling choices, your genetics also play a significant role in your hair’s quality over time. According to a Harvard study, hereditary-patterned baldness is the most common form of hair loss. This condition is not a disease, but rather a genetic makeup that shows itself as you age. Men typically experience type of hair loss through a receding hairline, while women experience hair loss along the crown.

Hormonal shifts and some medications, especially during pregnancy or menopause, may also result in hair loss. General changes to your overall health causes both bodily and mental stress, which results in shedding among 40-50% of women postpartum. In the case that thinning does not resolve itself after pregnancy or another significant hormonal change, it’s best to seek the help of an experienced hair surgeon in upstate New York.

Meet Dr. Whipple: the leading hair surgeon in upstate New York & beyond

Our founder, Dr. Katherine Whipple, is proud to serve her hometown community of Rochester, New York with unmatched aesthetic care. After completing her residency at the University of California San Diego, where she earned multiple research and academic honors and was named Chief Resident, she went to work at the American Society of Ophthalmic Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. With approximately 15 yearly graduates nationwide, this highly sought-after fellowship gave her the skills to create her own clinic right at home.

Since opening Envision Aesthetics, Dr. Whipple has learned to specialize in a range of other aesthetic areas including her work as a leading hair surgeon in upstate New York. As exciting new opportunities continue to arise, Dr. Whipple has the knowledge, resources, and unique approach to provide new aesthetic revolutions to her community. 

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