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Achieving Smooth Skin With Professional Milia Removal in Fairport

Have you ever noticed tiny white bumps on an infant’s face? These are known as milia, or millium cysts, which in reality can develop at any age and on any part of the body. These aren’t pimples, but rather pores clogged with dead skin.

Before you run to the mirror, you can not “pop” milia, and attempting to do so can cause permanent skin damage and scarring. But how do these bumps form and what does milia removal in Fairport consist of? Here’s everything you need to know about getting rid of milia, straight from the experienced medical team at Envision Aesthetics.

What causes milia?

Not sure if you’re experiencing milia? While these bumps may appear as tiny pimples, they aren’t typically painful or itchy. We strongly recommend that you come in for a skin consultation so a professional can study your current skin and help you decide if you can benefit from milia removal in Fairport. 

To understand milia removal, we need to understand milia first.

What causes milia: the internal factors

What causes milia to develop is trapped dead skin. These small cysts form when keratin builds up in your pores. These enclosed skin cells then harden, creating visible white bumps. 

What causes milia: the external factors

Many of us have experienced negative reactions to certain skincare products, especially if you have sensitive skin. One of the more controllable contributors of what causes milia is skincare, which can serve as a valuable tool for at-home milia removal in Fairport.

When you suffer from an injury or experience a rash, thick ointments can clog your pores and cause milia to form. Also, beware of harsh skincare products, which can create a similar film on your skin. 

Sun damage can make your skin texture more “leathery”, making it more difficult to shed dead cells and often leading to milia as well. 

Types of Milia

Unfortunately, milia can happen to anyone. It can often passed through genetics, making you more susceptible to recurring outbreaks. The main types of milia, which our team is highly experienced with for milia removal in Fairport, are:

  • Primary milia: Keratin trapped directly under the skin’s surface
  • Secondary milia: Ducts to the skin’s surface are clogged, often caused by injury
  • Multiple eruptive milia: Itchy bumps that appear over time
  • Traumatic milia: Occurring after an injury, often becoming irritated and discolored
  • Milia associated with drugs or products: Caused by the use of mineral oils and thick steroid creams

Preventing milia

While you can’t completely avoid what causes milia, sticking to a regimen of medical-grade skincare can help to lower the chances. Remember to include a gentle exfoliant and moisturizer to remove and reduce the build-up of dead skin, as well as continuing to protect your complexion with suncare.

Why can’t you extract milia yourself? 

When you pop a pimple, you’re extracting liquid from a pore. When it comes to milia however, there is no opening like a pore for the debris to be pushed out of. Attempting to simply “pop” it as you would a pimple will not remove the capsule because it is in the layer beneath the skin. 

Attempting to extract milia yourself will only lead to further irritation, skin damage, and possibly even scarring. Our professionals in Fairport remove milia with sterile tools, making tiny incisions with light pressure in order to avoid scarring.

Do milia go away?

If left untouched, milia typically go away on their own in a matter of weeks or months. So, if you have a special event coming up or just want to achieve smoother skin, milia extractions are your savior! 

Envision Aesthetics offers complete milia removal in Fairport and a range of milia removal products in Brighton to maintain your newfound complexion.

What skincare ingredients address milia?

Active ingredients that fastrack your skin’s cell cycle, which is about 28 days on average, can help you get rid of and prevent milia. This is typically found in skincare acids, such as:

  • Salicylic acid
  • Alpha hydroxy acid
  • Lactic acid
  • Retinoids

Remember that milia can be caused by skin damage from sunburns, so find a mineral sunscreen that works for daily use. 

The Alastin Hydratint Pro Mineral Sunscreen is ideal for milia-prone patients, as it hydrates and protects your skin in one swipe! Plus, this formula is free of harsh fragrances that can cause reactions and leaves you effortlessly smooth, without feeling greasy. 

Skincare ingredients to avoid 

In general, you should avoid products that contain mineral oils, which lead to keratin build-up in your pores. You should also shy away from thick creams that create a barrier on your skin, such as cocoa butter and beeswax. Consistent use of these ingredients may increase your need for milia removal in Fairport. 

What to expect during your milia removal in Fairport

So what type of doctor removes milia? Finding a physician who is highly experienced with skin is vital. Finding a trusted med spa with doctors who specialize in milia removal in Fairport will ensure that you achieve smooth skin, without inflicting lasting damage. 

Dr. Whipple is especially experienced in the eye area, and has the best knowledge and tools available to gently remove superficial and deep milium cysts!

A free in-depth consultation

Before we get started on your milia removal in Fairport, we always suggest that you come in for a free consultation first! This will allow our team to get to know you, your goals, your budget, and your skin. Once we’ve established the state of your current skin, we can create a personalized treatment plan.

At our office, you are always the #1 priority. We take pride in building lasting client relationships, so we treat you like family at every visit! Plus, this is a judgment-free space, so you can freely express your concerns. Our team aims to educate you on your skin and applicable treatments along your aesthetic journey. 

The process of milia removal in Fairport

Coming to a professional for milia removal in Fairport is the only safe and effective way to extract your milia. By carefully removing these capsules, you’ll be left with smooth skin in no time!

Cleansing & prepping the skin

Before we begin your milia removal in Fairport, we’ll thoroughly clean your skin. The procedure typically only takes about 15 minutes, so feel free to stop by during your lunch break! No need to worry about avoiding makeup; we’ll make sure the treatment area is squeaky clean to avoid contamination. 

After sterilizing your skin, we can also apply a topical numbing cream to keep you comfortable and relaxed as we perform the extractions.

Opening the skin & removing the milia

Next, we use a 30-gauge needle to carefully expose the internalized milia, just at the top of the bump. Dr. Whipple will then apply gentle pressure around the opening to remove the buildup. 


For a few days following your milia removal in Fairport, you may notice a small scab where the milia once was. You can simply cover this with makeup and go about your day! The area will completely heal in 3-5 days, and you’ll see and feel the difference. 

Enhancing your smooth skin with other medspa treatments

Once you’ve cleared your pores of debris with a milia removal in Fairport, maintaining your smooth skin is essential to holding onto your newfound confidence. 

Along with sticking to medical-grade skincare, coming in for regular clinical facials will ensure that your glow lasts! The benefits of medical facials far outweigh those of a typical spa facial, as it focuses on results rather than relaxation.

Our Salt Facial is a great option for reviving dry skin and preventing further milia from developing. Sit back and relax as we use the powers of natural sea salt to exfoliate your skin and eliminate dead skin cells. Plus, we finish the treatment with ultrasonic technology for optimum antioxidant absorption and LED phototherapy to eliminate bacteria and reduce redness.

Skin resurfacing treatments are another effective option for preventing milia, in addition to enhancing your overall complexion! Treatments such as microneedling and chemical peels help to reveal new, healthy skin by removing the superficial layers of dead skin. In turn, these can help you maintain your flawless skin after a milia removal in Fairport.

Come to Envision Aesthetics for professional milia removal in Fairport!

Ready to achieve bump-free skin? Our extensively trained specialists, including Dr. Whipple herself, perform personalized milia extractions in Rochester, Fairport, and Victor to perfect your skin texture in as little as 15 minutes! 

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