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Achieving Glowing Skin With Summer Skin Treatments in Rochester

Dewy skin is all the rage. We’re all about embracing your skin’s natural glow, and have some tips to help you achieve the look! Whether you’re looking for treatments or medical-grade skincare products, here are the Envision Aesthetics team’s favorite summer skin treatments in Rochester:

The top 3 summer skin treatments in Rochester

Depending on your skin concerns and goals, these treatments have the power to transform your skin.

1. Halo Laser 

Our Halo Laser treatment is a one-of-a-kind hybrid fractional laser that treats skin damage and boosts collagen! We recommend this treatment for patients struggling with wrinkles, sun damage, enlarged pores, acne, scars, and uneven skin tone.

2. BBL treatments

Struggling with acne? Our Forever Clear BBL harnesses light energy to address current breakouts, heal scars, and prevent future acne.

The Forever Young BBL uses similar technology to reverse skin damage and boost collagen production, leaving you with a youthful complexion.

3. Chemical peels

Sometimes, you just need to start over with a clean slate! Our chemical peels help to reveal brand new smooth skin.

The top 3 products for at-home summer skin treatments in Rochester

If you’re looking to upgrade your skincare routine this summer, try out these amazing products that will protect and hydrate your skin.

1. Skinbetter sunscreens

It’s time to ditch unsafe and non-effective chemical sunscreens and opt for medical sunscreen in Rochester. We’re proud to offer both tinted and sheer Skinbetter sunscreens, so you can protect your skin and look flawless while you’re at it!

2. Alto Defense Serum

This nutrient-packed serum is filled with 19 antioxidants. Working this combination of vitamins C and E into your routine will help you create a gentle barrier to protect your skin from exterior pollution.

3. Trio Rebalancing Moisturizer

Struggling with fine lines and dry skin? The Trio Rebalancing Moisture Treatment will restore your skin’s balance by minimizing wrinkles and sun damage while maximizing hydration.

Come to Envision Aesthetics to experience your best skin this summer!

Ready to try these rejuvenating summer skin treatments in Rochester? We’re excited to be continuing our ongoing summer special, so be sure to check out the details and schedule your appointment as soon as possible. If you want to embrace the no-makeup look this summer, stop by our recent blogs to learn more about lash lifts and brow laminations.

Contact us today to learn more about how our products and services can revitalize your complexion. We also highly recommend that you come in for a free in-person consultation, so we can create a plan tailored to your skin goals. Or, you can try our virtual consultation tool for instant treatment recommendations!